In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2023

In a secluded Irish hamlet, a troubled father wrestles with his haunting past. As he faces the repercussions of a lifetime of wrongdoings, redemption becomes his only goal. However, the village’s unforgiving landscape harbors secrets that refuse to remain hidden. Amidst the rugged beauty and ancient traditions, the father must make a stark choice: confront his demons or stay chained to his past. In a land where saints and sinners coexist, the cost of absolution is steep, forcing him to face his darkest deeds and seek salvation amidst the shadows.

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Title: In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Robert Lorenz
Writer: Mark Michael McNally, Terry Loane
Stars: Kerry Condon, Desmond Eastwood, Conor MacNeill

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